Essays 1 : Report (School newsletter or magazine)


Essays 1 : Report (School newsletter or magazine)

National Day Celebration

SMK Simpang Rengam held a grand National Day celebration on 31st August this year at Kluang Stadium. History Club, as the organiser had done a great job.

The celebration began with a march past by the school band. The boys in the band put on red uniform and a cap. They played beautiful music. Everyone applauded loudly when they entered the stadium and walked past the audiences.

This was followed by the raising of Malaysian flag. Everyone stood up straight and proudly sang our National Anthem and patriotic songs accompanied by the music played by our talented school band.

Then, a few cultural shows were performed by a group of students. They came up on a platform built in the middle of the stadium and danced traditional dances like “zapin” and “inang” gracefully. Another group of students also came up and sang some traditional songs like “ghazal” and “lagu asli” sweetly.

The celebration ended with rhythmic gymnastics. Our school’s gymnasts put up some of their gymnastic acts accompanied by classical and modern music. They used colourful ribbons and hoops. It was fascinating.

Everybody including our Education District Officer who came to give closing speech was speechless. The National Day Celebration would not be forgotten for many years to come.

Reported by                                                             1 JANUARY 2013

Sharifah Alyssa
(Secretary of History Club)
Design By Alyssa Belina