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Hai earthling.
First of all, I want to wish Happy Chinese New Year to All Chinese members. Today story is about my little teddy bear, my smile, my tears and my superman. 
Last month was his birthday. That time we're fight together . I was with my ego and he with his ​​ego. So on that day, we were both very sad. In the morning , he invited me to go out celebrating his birthday in the city. But I refused it. That night, I was too angry with him. I know what he feel. But I never thought to ask sorry. 12 pm on that day of entry is 16/1 was his seventeenth birthday. So I sent a short message that just said happy birthday. With no sweet meaning. I do not think anything at that time.
The next day, I felt very guilty for useless waste her time. But on my birthday he spent the time to go out with me, to please me, but I just do nothing on his birthday. After reminisce my fault, I'm planning to make one celebration for him. To let him know that i never forget to make him happy. I hope by doing this celebration , he will forgive me from head to toe and forget all faults that i do. 
After a week, I went to his friend's house. We all confidentiality about this because we want to make a  big surprise for him. When he came to the beach, he was very surprised when he saw me there. For a present, I bought him a cake. A chocolate cake. Incidentally, it was his friend's birthday too, so I bought the cake once for her little friend too. We were  strolling on the beach together . Laughing together. I was so happy at that time. No one can feel what i am feeling deep in my heart. Did u feel the same dear ? Did u feel happy with me at that time? I hope u feel what i feel. On that day, I could see the joy on your face. Different from others. Your so cute little boy. Your smile can burn all my pain. I feel very calm when i see a big smile on your face.
To you, if you're reading this post, I want to ask sorry to you because I'm always angry, I did not mean to wounded your hearts. I am too ego. I often do not think your feelings. I keep my selfishness. Dear, I hope you like the celebration that I do. I hope you will remember the sweet memories of us . I hope u will forgive me. I hope u will always keep me in your heart. I probably will not be the best for you, but I will try. I try to make you happy. By the way, I would to thank to you because taking care of me every time. I would appreciate it, I hope we will stay together forever . We will not separate. Lastly, Happy birthday my little cute dear. I wish you :

1. Happy Birthday
2. May god bless you
3. To be a good son
4. Successful in studies
5. May all your dreams come true, for When they'd do, I'd be with you!
6. I pray you stay healthy
7. Always love me
8. I hope we can be together
Thats all only.
Lastly, thank to his friends, Alyn, Pyka, Ari, Yaya, Bob, Shahmi, Alem. I love you all. And i love you sunshine :*

So cute right ? Yes i know it.

Peace :)


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